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"Never doubt that a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
"How old will you have to be before you stop believing that those eyes will look down on you forever?" - Jefferson Airplane
"Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave... And keep on thinking free!" - The Moody Blues
"All around your island there's a baracade - holds out the danger keeps in the pain." - Tom Petty: "Walls"


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The wrongs that we do to ourselves are as bad if not worse than the wrongs we do to others. For if we're abusing ourselves, who can stop us?



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The Mission

The Light is dedicated to improving human awareness of social abuse and assisting in freeing fellow humans from the imprisonment and paralysis caused by intimidation tactics resulting in shame and fear. We believe we have been emotionally abused much too long by this brainwashing, sadistic, patriarchial social system and are dedicated to exposing social inequities and liberating the public through increased consciousness of TRUTH & our own personal value. We believe if we join together as community and lead, the leaders must follow. "Escape Velocity" can only be reached if enough of us pull together to create "critical mass" at which point the reptilian power-based "Old World" will crumble and the "New World" based on Love will emerge. I urge each of you to join us on this mission so the spiritual evolution of the race can occur. The NEW WORLD of equality, co-creation, and Love awaits us as we come together to unite in resonance.


The "Greatest Stories" Ever Told:

1) Your Opinions & Beliefs are Somehow Inferior To Those In Authority

2) It's good to live by fear & be subservient to others needs

3) "Real Men" are not emotionally sensitive

4) It's "weak" to express emotional feelings or appreciate beauty

5) Other people's opinions are more valid than your own

6) People are "bad" and have to "repent" for the "sins" of old

7) Competition is good

8) The ego (fear) is more important than the Spirit (Love)

9) We need to use willpower & "discipline" & struggle against ourselves to "succeed"

10) Success is based upon power over others and money

11) It's wrong to stand up for the Truth, Justice, Equality, & Liberation

12) It's more important to "Look good" than it is to "Feel good".

13) Appearance is more important than Reality.

14) Hiding the truth makes it go away

15) It's more important to brainwash our children with opinions than it is to nurture their curiosity, creativity, and talent.

16) It's bad to follow your dreams

17) It's more important to control and dominate than it is to nurture and support

18) Femininity is "weak"

19) We need organizations & authority to do our thinking for us because we can't think for ourselves.

20) We can't experience God directly & need others to do it for us.

21) Being humble is a sign of "weakness"

22) Physical strength & willpower are more important than spiritual strength & humility

23) It's ok to hold our "loved ones" hostage by taking their freedom away by placing conditions upon them. (i.e. true love is conditional)


The Intent To Create Vs. The Intent To Protect

Many of us have been conditioned to live a life based on the need to protect instead of the desire to create. This results in a continual process of believing in "failure" and "scarcity" which results in inertia and a constant struggle trying to maintain some sense of security. It's not much fun to live if you're constantly struggling just to try to keep your head above water.

On the other hand, if we learn how to be motivated by desire instead, and dispel the bogeyman of fear, we empower ourselves to perform tremendous accomplishments. Energy previously used focusing on failure and scarcity can instead be thrust into creativity. Just think how much more of a sense of well-being there is in living this way. If we can "reprogram" ourselves to trust in our ideas, worth, ability, strength, affluence talents, creativity, and intuition, we can build our dreams as we continue to hold our visions.

Seen in this Light, it's easy to see what the phrase "believing is seeing" means and also explains the mystery of faith. As we continue to believe in something, it makes it come true. Our intention makes it so. The one thing all successes have in common is the anchor in envisioning and believing in success. As you believe, so shall you see. Hold The Vision!


Fields of Neglect

The crux of enslavement is "compulsory education" and the workplace. People are currently being enslaved by their emotional and financial insecurities. Millions are being abused each day by the patriarchial greed of a few authoritarian tyrants. Many of us march off to school or work each day, fearful of being late, fearful of our teachers/bosses, fearful of being punished/fired, & finally, fearful of being left unsupported or financially destitute.

Our children are being continually brainwashed to become "obedient" disempowered compliants for future domination by "authorities". They are being forced to attend "compulsory education" on a daily basis for a minimun of 10 years of their youth. This "educational system" was made compulsory by big buisness owners who were interested in developing compliant workers. It was brought here from Germany where it was used to "rebuild" the country by brainwashing its children in this way. Nazi Germany also used this technique. You can read New York State Teacher of the Year Award winner John Gatto's book entitled "Dumbing Us Down" for more information about this systematic brainwashing method. Our children are not being taught how to think, they are being intimidated and seduced into becoming submissive computers and robots who will remember and do whatever the authoritarian poisonous pedagogues insist.

We are conditioning children how to "do as they're told" - breeding them into disempowered, shame-based pawns who will comply blindly to authoritarian "direction". Their Creative thinking/intelligence and free will is being squelched by forcing them to comply and memorize instead. All this so they can become "licensed" and "certified" with "degrees" so they can work for the authoritarians who instituted their brainwashing in the first place. Aristotelian "tabula rasa" scribbling is being used to systematically cloud and darken the brilliancy of our children's Innate Socratic Suns of Truth - the Artistic and Creative Intelligence they were born with.

It seems to me that this enslavement is directly opposed to human and constitutional rights. Somehow however, we've been able to make children exempt from having the right to be treated as humans with free wills who can pursue happiness of their own choosing. Children are virtually our current day slaves. We are simply more "civilized" in our shackling. We imprison their minds and self-esteem at a young age before they realize what we're doing so that it is no longer necessary to physically shackle them. As adults, after they finally do have "rights", they won't even know enough to try to escape from bondage because we've brainwashed them so young, that they won't even realize they're bound. And even if they do, they won't believe they have the power, ability or right to rebel and break free. Watch the movie "The Matrix" again if you'd like to gain a clearer understanding of what I mean.

Why aren't people honored as a valuable commodity? In any other field, such as farming for example, that which produces the harvest is nurtured and tended to to see that it bears the greatest fruit. Would it make any sense for a farmer to look out his window, see that the plants are wilting and pull the shade and go back to bed believing they will revive by themselves? This is essentially what is being done in the workplace and schools. Millions are being malnourished and our "fruits" (talents) are being left to wither and die on the vine. Instead of developing our innate talents, we're being forced to serve authoritarian's "needs" via "compulsory education" and job description requirement phrases like "...and other duties as required."

Plants require nourishment to grow properly. Proper soil, rain, and sun are all necessary to produce a good harvest. People are much the same. Their needs need to be met in order for them to fruitfully produce. Encouragement, compassion, support and respect are the equivalent of sunshine, rain & soil. Employees and students both require these nutrients in order to bear good fruit. Our future society will only be as healthy as they are.


Obtaining Escape Velocity

In order to break free of this patriarchal bondage, it's important we unite in purpose. Divided we are weak and "the machine" can easily intimidate us and deter us from our purpose. They use invalidating and disempowering negative phrases like "You can't fight city hall." in an effort to get us to lose heart and keep us dependant upon their control. It is entirely up to us however to decide to believe them or not. We have forgotten we have the power to reject their value & belief systems if we so choose. No matter who they are, their opinions are not worth more than our own.

Twelve step programs are the beginning of the support structure we need to break free of the machine's abuse. We learn to have compassion for one another and help each other through the pain of the past so we can once again feel self-acceptance like we did when we were children. We learn how to break free of the paradigm of powerlessness by accepting ourselves for who we are instead of trying to become what the machine wants us to be. Paradoxically, we become empowered through the process of acceptance. We learn to live lives of creativity & spontaneity instead of willpower. We learn to flow with Life instead of struggle against beliefs of failure.

Continuing on our journey, we learn how to develop our strength by introspection, journaling, disclosing ourselves to fellow supporting advocates, and connecting with a spiritual source of nurturance & strength. We find sustenance through meditative practices that give us fresh new glimpse of a Larger Reality. We come to real-ize that Life is truly Benevolent. It is only the abuse of greed and fear based people that makes life difficult.

To ultimately free ourselves of its grip, we must learn to detach from the need of "the machine's" approval. We no longer need to build our confidence by gaining our parent's approval like we did when we were children. Instead, continually remember to focus our energies on what we want to create instead of wasting it by resisting what we fear. Focus on spending your energy and money efficiently only on creating what you want instead of wasting it on resisting or buying into what you don't.


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Shame: How We Are Disempowered


Since we were children, most of us have been taught how to conform. This takes it's toll on us as the tactics used to get us to do so ruin our self-esteem through the continual judgmental remarks we receive from those attempting to give us "guidance". We learn to view our sense of judgment and opinions as "faulty" as we assume the ones who are teaching us know better than we do what's going on. If our teachers are dysfunctional however, this may not be the case. They may be judging us simply because they are trying to prove their righteousness because they never received validation when they were children.

As a case in point, my father was the youngest of 5 boys growing up whose mother died when he was under 10. He was raised by an uncle who committed to raise the children and a father with Parkinson's disease. He was continually invalidated as a child and still needed to obtain validation to prove himself when raising me. This dysfunction resulted in him continually invalidating me as a child and constantly trying to make me do things his way. Everything I did was scrutinized and I was continually criticized by him for whatever I did. Can you imagine the perfectionistic self-torture and performance anxiety that goes on inside me even today because of this treatment?

This type of treatment is not only done to us by our parents, but by our school teachers, religious leaders, bosses, coaches, bullies, peers and any other authority figures that may come into our lives. Is it any wonder we are so full of rebellion by the time we reach our teenage years?

Emotional support is crucial to building self-esteem when we are children. Without this, we end up feeling shameful and inferior which in turn results in neurosis, compulsions, addictions, and a myriad of other emotional dis-eases as we grow into adulthood. A society like ours that brainwashes children in this militant fashion and squelches their creativity in an effort to condition them to conform, cannot help but produce codependant, rebellious, defiant and neurotic offspring which is why there are so many problems with drugs, alcohol, anxiety and depression today.



Fear: How We Are Kept Paralyzed

After we develop fear of our parent's rejection as children, and the fear that they may decide not to support and nurture us, it is easy to keep us under control. Many of us have had the additional luxury of being further shamed by the religions of the world.

My parents passed the baton of shaming over to a Catholic school and I was shamed for years by the "Sisters of No Mercy" into believing I was "bad" and that their satanic god was going to condemn me to an eternity in hell if I didn't obey every word they said. They drilled a base of fear and shame into me that resulted in a 3rd grade panic attack based on fear of being condemned by god and successfully turned me into anxious and shameful depressive and alcoholic that even today, 40 years later, I am still working to recover from.

Can it be seen how many of us have been led around all our lives by these fears of desertion, abandonment, condemnation, and the "failure to live up to others standards"? Men of my generation were especially bashed by this treatment because they were bred to become competitive soldiers and robots for corporate productivity and never express fear or pain.

Financial insecurity is the way these shame and fears are maintained once we reach the working age. We fear the rejection of our bosses because they have taught us to believe that they have the power like our parents did, of leaving us without a means of financial security. They try to breed us to remain dependent upon them for our financial support which further binds us in fear.

Ok Dan, so what's the solution? The solution is the process of exiting this dysfunctional social system and finding ways to become more self-supportive and cooperative through our own community building. We are already building an underground network of community via 12 step recovery programs all over the world. We are learning that we need to find ways to build our own support groups that can nurture us and help us to return to our own personal paths and stop feeding "The Machine". The Machine can't survive if we don't feed it.


Righteousness: True Virtue or Confused Values?

Did you ever stop to ask where your sense of values came from? You might be surprised to find out that they were values seeded into you at a very young age, perhaps before you can even remember. Most of us have never taken the time to investigate these "values" to see if they are values we really agree with or if they were simply traditions that were passed down to us that may be the root of self-sabotaging thinking. Our civilization is virtually "knee deep" in dysfunctional belief systems that were bred thousands of years ago by people who wanted to keep us under "control". These control tactics may have been necessary for people like Moses who had to keep people from revolting against them because they had them wandering around in a dessert for decades, but we are still held hostages by passed down generational fear/shame control tactics like this even today - thousands of years later. These coercive, dysfunctional belief systems need to go the way of the dinosaur so we can drop our needless fear & shame and live happily & peacefully on planet Earth. Traditions are meant to stop us from falling backward - not prevent us from moving forward.

As an example, let's take a look at a simple commonly held belief and see how much Truth it actually holds:

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