The Enneagram: Intimately Understanding Ourselves and Others

The Enneagram is a 9-point psycho-spiritual personal self-assessment tool that quickly reveals our inner motivators, fears, and subconscious conditionings. This system is highly effective in giving us quick insight into what we can be most effective at and what areas we might like to develop to make ourselves more "well-rounded".

The 9 Primary Focuses are:

  • Perfecting/Improving
  • Helping/Serving
  • Achieving/Succeeding
  • Creating/Expressing
  • Investigating/Discovering
  • Protecting/Supporting
  • Playing/Adventuring
  • Competing/Willing
  • Peacekeeping/Resting

    Your profile will show you how focused you are on each of these energies and which of 3-"centers" (mental, emotional, instinctual) are primary, secondary, and least used. Developing the least used center results in personal "integration".

    Insights will be gained as to why relationships with certain types of people are harmonious or discordant. It will become better understood why you and those you know react the way you do. This understanding breeds compassion and can be tremendously helpful in seeing the dynamics in relational issues.

    Contact me at for more information about taking the Enneagram questionaire. I've found this tool to be a tremendously quick way to discover our inner workings as well as assist us in understanding others. This can only result in our relationships with both ourselves and others greatly improving if we use this tool wisely.