Love Based Society vs. Fear Based Society:


In order to truly integrate freedom, one must first integrate love. We will not hurt things we love because INSIDE we will not want to. Freedom without love results in tyranny, which is not freedom for all but license for a few to dominate.


What we have in society today is not TRUE freedom because we have not yet learned how to Love. We are concerned with our emotional and financial insecurities (fears) which drives a dominating and competitive type of society where the masses are constantly worried about not getting enough love, power, or money while a few hoard their “winnings” which propagates the scarcity consciousness in others. Our intent is not to support one another but to be self-serving and compete against one another.


Love based society is not based upon the need to survive and compete (fear). It is based upon the desire to co-create and be helpful and contribute what each has to the whole. Love based society is about TRUE community based upon the honoring of the talents of each individual and validating them, not about dominating the young ones to breed them into what we want them to become. This is enslavement. We force them to dessert who and what they want to be and become who and what we want them to be. Artists starve or are not recognized. Visionaries are ignored. Emissaries of Virtue and Truth and Bards are also unsupported unless they conform to some doctrine or organization.


Our society insists you play by its rules or it will not support you. Those who have the courage to continue along their own path, rarely succeed financially unless someone who already has money promotes and supports them. Few are the ones who gain the support they need to live comfortably if they choose to follow their own path.


Rebels are looked at as “anti-social” or “bad” and are looked upon as “troublemakers” who are inciting riots. The fact is that what they are really doing is exposing Truth. Yes they are angry about all the injustices. Why wouldn’t they be? They want people to listen but no one will. This is why they become angry. If only we would listen to their reason and Truth, we would see that many of them are right. Let’s not forget, our country is based upon rebellion, which is only a negative way of phrasing the term “independence”. Rebellion is only necessary when independence is not allowed. Enslavement is the problem, not rebellion. Rebellion is simply a symptom of the abusive cause: enslavement.


Because of all the competition and abuse that happens on our planet, there are many like myself who automatically presume a suspicious and defensive posture. It is natural when one is continually dominated and forced into compliance to become distrusting in this way.


Living in Trust instead of fear requires being around people whose agenda is not to dominate, but to assist. Helpful people are loving people. Dominating people are abusive people. Animals live in domination of one another only rarely in a “pecking order of survival” but man does this continuously.


The intent of a social system is supposed to be for the common good. Is it for the common good when there are “winners and losers”? Is it for the common good when there are rich and poor? Is it for the common good when there are successful and unsuccessful? Is it for the common good when there are the supported and the unsupported? Our society is for the “successful” and domineering not for the common good. If it were for the COMMON good, all would be treated with respect. Not just adults and those who have enough money to rule over others.



So long as competition and industry drive our culture we are bound to be held prisoners by those who are empowered to be “in charge”. This must be the case because only the domineering succeed in this paradigm. The intent to dominate is what drives them to do so. We have to return to values in alignment with the original intent in our American Constitution: Freedom, Truth, Justice, Equality and begin to question what the real intent behind “freedom of enterprise” means. It is no longer just when human rights become misinterpreted as license to dominate. It defeats the whole purpose of the constitution, which is supposed to be to PROTECT people’s rights! It’s supposed to be liberty and justice FOR ALL, not just for those with money and “in charge”. Competition prevents Liberty because competition breeds dominance, not freedom. What is good for industry is NOT good for the human race because industry is based in competition and dominance and conformity (fear), not in honoring personal individuation, growth, diversity, and creativity (love).