Authority: Man's Attempt to Justify Dominance and Enslavement


I have to laugh when others say I have problems with "authority figures". The whole idea of "authority" is absurd if taken in the context that it takes precedence over righteousness. No one has the right to impose one's will upon another. Those who believe it is ok to do so are nothing more than tyrants themselves unless it is being done to uphold virtue and human rights. We need to honor RIGHTEOUSNESS, not "authority". Invalidation of unjust behavior (denial of truth) is simply another method tyrants use to try to get you to comply. They try to "break your spirit" and shame you so you will conform and stop rebelling. Invalidation is the best way they know to do this.


I was asked to report for jury duty once. The judge asked if anyone in the room would have trouble upholding the law in the event that to do so would result in injustice. I raised my hand and the judge said "You would have trouble upholding the law?". I replied "Yes" and was dismissed. I find it hard to believe but even judges have lost sight of what law was designed for: to support righteousness, not enable injustice!


I believe somehow the 4th commandment - "Honor thy mother and thy Father" - was a confused value that should have read "Honor Righteousness". Mothers and fathers (and many other people in "authority" positions) often do NOT do this. Expecting children to honor their parent's injustice is asking to give license to abusiveness and dominance - dominance which we can clearly see has resulted in most of the substance abuse, emotional illness, and poverty in this world. Contrary to this stupid "law", parents are just as capable of abuse (if not more so) than their children. Parents and authority are suppose to honor their children and those they SERVE - not DOMINATE them and impose their wills, but SERVE them. We do not SERVE people by imposing upon them, but by caring for them and helping to provide them with their needs.


Understandably, laws need to be put in place to protect people's rights. Enforcement however is only necessary in the event someone attempts to impose their will upon someone else. Ruling by "the letter of the law" is abuse of law and is an attempt to justify abusive dominance and "power trips". The need to stand up for justice has been tainted by those who simply want to deceive others and dominate them to make them conform to their wills. Compulsory education, mandates of certification processes which requires schooling and the seat belt laws are fine examples of how we allow controllers to impose their wills upon us. Laws are suppose to be designed not to prevent freedom, but to uphold it. Control & dominance has simply become more important than human rights & freedom.


True authority is TRUTH and VIRTUE and enforcement of these is automatic. Though others may think they are getting away with something by denial of these ultimate "Authorities" and imposing their wills upon others, take a look at some of what is happening in the world:


- People revolt and rebel with violence due to forced imposition and injustice.

- Pollution & global warming threaten the existence of life due to careless greed

- Crime & theft result from poverty and fear of scarcity that results from the rich's addiction to financial hoarding.

- Alcoholism & Emotional Dependency/Illness result from disrespecting people's need for respect, love and validation.

- War results from competition & imposition


The one law that needs to be enforced is preventing imposition & dominance of others and control though coercion and intimidation. By not doing so, abusiveness is allowed to run rampant. Tyrants are allowed to rule the world by insisting that they have the "right" to dominate others by hoarding and imposing. The "Freedom of enterprise" right written into our constitution was not intended to provide license for abuse and dominance of the masses by justifying monopolization, and hoarding. These people who are suppose to be our "authority figures" are nothing more than abusers who create and hide behind laws and social "standards" to justify their greedy, tyrannical and unjust behavior. Never make the mistake of honoring "authority" over RIGHTEOUSNESS. Because someone is placed in a position of authority does not mean they are just - no matter how many people may be afraid of them.