Dan Hunt - Belief Therapist

Dan Hunt is a Belief Therapist and Personal Growth Facilitator with over 30 years experience in the investigation and practice of psychological and spiritual tools used to dissolve emotional issues and support personal growth and well-being. Dan recommends email coaching which is very cost effective. He is also available for phone sessions. A free consultation is available by calling him directly at (203)744-4360.You can E-Mail Dan at DanHunt@LightShifter.com by clicking here.

Dan is a certified Behavioral and Hypno-Therapist, EFT-Advanced Practitioner, Teacher, Writer and Ordained Minister who has dedicated his life to help “de-hypnotize” and assist in healing the human condition of shame, fear, and the false "need" to compete – or as he phrases it: “to compassionately give people back to themselves”. His book “LightShifting: Social Illusions/Spiritual Truths” (available here on his website) was specifically written in an effort to simply expose the cult-ural trances nearly all of us have been conditioned to believe so we can start to affirm ourselves and set ourselves free of these self-defeating and life-negating belief systems.

Dan uses a compassionate, painless and powerfully simple technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to dissolve emotional issues and barriers we no longer want in our lives. He combines EFT with a 9-focus psycho-spiritual profiling tool known as the Enneagram to gain quick insight into the client's personality. This allows both the client and Dan to quickly identify and "zone in" on core issues. He calls this combined process EnneaTapping(sm) and it is an extremely quick, effective and traumaless way to work on core issues without having to deal with hours of analysis - this saves both time and money.

Dan also teaches the EFT process to the client so they can perform it on themselves at any time. This empowers clients to quickly and easily resolve emotional issues without having to spend thousands of dollars on talk-therapy.