Elimination: Leaving Behind The Shroud


The process of "elimination" is an important part of personal purification. Without it, we could not continue in life. Catharsis, likewise, is essential.


We have been shamed and intimidated into NOT eliminating our frustrations by addressing them. We have been taught that to speak up is to "complain" and that to "complain" is to "whine" and that to "whine" is to be a "victim" and to be a "victim" is "bad". While it might be true that to be a victim is not good, none the less it is done to people on this planet and unless we stop enabling it and speak up against it, it will continue:


Jesus of Nazareth had this to say which is written in the book of Thomas:

"What you bring forth will heal you.

What you do not bring forth will kill you."


I believe what he was saying is that we defile ourselves by repressing ourselves and that expression of our feelings catharts and HEALS us. This can be applied to the physical in that if we don't flush out the toxins in our system, we will also die. If one considers the heart disease that plagues our society, one can see that this is so. The refusal to allow the catharting of feelings in the workplace is a big cause of this problem. This repression is done because management doesn't want to deal with the real issues & injustices that are blatantly happening...Sound anything like the shame you received from your parents or teachers for crying or being angry when you were a child?


Many of us have indeed been "victimized". We need to validate this fact yet move forward and transmute this raw "lead" into "gold" by using our resentments to empower us to do something about these injustices in the world. Martin Luther King and Daniel Berrigan (the draft card burning Priest) were powerful examples of this. This is what heroic leaders do - they make commitments to themselves to stand for the truth they themselves have experienced and do something to heal the world of these injustices. This is how we transmute our "lead" of abuse into the "gold" of righteousness. We use our compassion to stand up for others and speak out against abuse.


This society would prefer that we didn't stand-up for ourselves because they don't want to deal with "complainers". What they refuse to admit is that THEY are the cause of our attitudes to begin with! Granted, there are those of us who may THINK we've been victimized when we have not been because we ANTICIPATE wrong doing because of PAST abuses which we've never catharted and relieved ourselves of. For the most part though, this society IS abusive because it's based upon COMPETITION and stepping on others to get ahead. Most of us have INDEED been victims of this "social abuse" and were raised by "abusers" in order to make us "strong" to "defend ourselves" AGAINST others. Our society is based in this constant RESISTANCE and the battle of COMPETITION.


Elimination is a natural part of the growing process:

- A snake sheds its old skin

- Old leaves die and fall off the plant

- Flowers die so that the fruit of the plant can take its place.

- Protective behaviors (fears/shrouds) fall from us as we learn to gain confidence in our Truths

- Toxins are eliminated from our bodies through our eliminatory systems.


Ultimately, when we realize we need no shell at all and can have the courage to stand NAKED in our TRUTH in shamelessness with total acceptance of ourselves for it, then we will finally be truly FREE.


Fear of receiving rejection from others is one of the biggest things that prevents us from dropping our past baggage. We fear "rejection" from others for doing "wrong" which indeed is often the case. We need not explain ourselves - we need only change ourselves as we become more and more enlightened.....Our virtues are carved in stone while our faults are written upon sand and washed away by waves of forgiveness (provided we ourselves can let go of them!).


So many of us get coerced and stuck in going away from ourselves. We dessert ourselves because others want us to go their way. This self-dessertion results in tremendous despair and depression and is evidenced in the tremendous amount of people on anti-depressants in today's society. People who remain stuck in jobs or relationships they are not happy with.


We have been taught to repress and give up our own ideas for those of society. This is the culprit. We were forced to conform as children but as adults, we can learn to question these values and reject them anytime we choose. Freedom is ours if we make a commitment to it.

Catharsis is essential! This doesn't mean to get stuck catharting - it means to let it out and let it go! Music, acting, and writing are 3 ways this can be done but best of all, is being blessed by having the ears of an understanding and compassionate person who will listen.


Self-shame causes repression. Society used this tactic to stop us from speaking up for ourselves. As adults, we can wise up to this trick and laugh at their intimidation tactics. This is a BIG way we were controlled as children and is WHY we have such a difficult time with accepting others "rejection" - we were SHAMED into conformity.


FLOW and FREEDOM are the virtues I subscribe to today. These bring LIFE to this world. Imposed Conformity, dependance, dominance and repression bring DEATH.


Repression & limitation > death.

Expression & Expansion (Creativity) > LIFE


The idea is to find a way to keep the channel open in BOTH directions at all times. As we all become open & flowing channels and eliminate hoarding and fear, we will experience true HEAVEN on EARTH.


We must start EXPRESSING and stop enabling the TYRANNY to continue by refusing to stand up for Justice and our Rights as Human Beings. No one can give us this freedom. It is something we ourselves must assert and develop within.