E-mail Coaching Services Now Available!


Dan is now providing E-mail Life Path coaching and empowerment services. There are several advantages to this type of coaching including:


q       Deeper levels of focus and awareness due to writing instead of just talking. This alone can result in quicker, deeper and more profound levels of changes within one’s psyche. It is a known fact that journaling (which is a form of writing) can be extremely effective in helping people gain deeper clarity into themselves.


q       A complete hardcopy log to refer to for all dialogs so you can easily refer back and reflect upon the coaching session at any time.


q       More cost effective as you can take as long as you like to reflect upon exactly what you want to communicate and “boil it down” without charge before sending it.


For more information contact Dan at (203)744-4360 or e-mail him at DanHunt@LightShifter.com.