Empowerment: Substituting Our Beliefs

For me, the whole process of empowerment comes down to changing my dis-empowering belief systems from ones of self-negation and mistrust to ones of affirmation and trust. I believe this is the true miracle of faith Jesus so often spoke of: That we create what we believe in.

Applying this belief to ourselves, puts a whole new dimension on life. We don't have to rely on others to create our reality for us. We can do it ourselves.

The first thing I need to do in personal empowerment is to identify where I "believe" I'm stuck. I say "believe" because once again, it is the belief that holds me there. As soon as I let go of the belief in "stuckness" and "powerlessness" I re-empower myself to be able to do something about it. So, letting go in believe in "stuckness" is often my 1st step.

After identifying the areas where I "believe" I'm stuck and have freed myself of the "belief" of "stuckness", I now must find ways to disprove the old belief system and substitute it with its OPPOSITE. For instance if the belief I have is in failure, I must come to believe in SUCCESS. If my belief is in "scarcity" I must come to believe in ABUNDANCE.

This process of substitution requires pondering and nurturing the imagination to BELIEVE in the positive substitution. Sometimes movies, stories, musical ballads or performing rituals can help us to manifest the new belief systems we want. This is because these items work directly with the subconscious mind through the imagination and emotional system to get us to level we need for our inner selves to BELIEVE IN OUR HEARTS what our new desired REAL-ITY IS. The key is to get the new belief system into our HEARTS; Not our minds but our HEARTS. This will require emotion which is developed through imagination. This gets the Heart to believe in what it is we want. But the most important part of this changing is our pondering and holding the vision of success & accomplishment inside us. This is done through contemplation, visualization, affirmation and meditation.

This is what "magic" and magicians do…they ponder the reality they want so they can make it come true. There is no hocus-pocus in this. It is applied daily by anyone who is successful. It is their belief in success that makes it so. Yes, it also requires action but the action comes from within and is not a struggle because one KNOWS AT THE HEART LEVEL that one will succeed. Life becomes easy when one believes in ones successfulness. We can then stop driving through life "with the brakes on" and live in the flow instead of resistance.

Many of us are not successful at our affirmations simply because we try to "force them with mental willpower" instead of "freeing ourselves from old belief systems" by letting go of erroneous thinking. We forget that our old disempowering belief systems are illusions and not reality. We must find ways for our subconscious to let go of dis-empowering beliefs so we can believe it in our HEARTS, not just our minds. We must FEEL the belief. Not just THINK the belief.

Posing questions to ourselves is a helpful way to disprove old belief systems. Behind all illusions is the lie we believe in. All we need do is expose the lie and the illusion will die much the same as a magician's trick does once the way it is performed is revealed. We cannot really start building our new belief until we can find ways to let go of our old one. We must destroy the old illusion by dispelling it.

Experiencing our new reality is the ultimate. We first do this in our minds, then our hearts, and then in physical reality by taking action. But the biggest part is holding our visions and beliefs so we don't "lose Heart". So long as we don't "lose Heart", action is easy.

Support from others can be an excellent way to start gaining more self-confidence. Others can be used to help free us of our illusions because they are not stuck in the same ones. If they are, they cannot be of assistance. If not, they can help us to arrive at new conclusions by asking us questions which will bring us to new realities we otherwise may not of thought of. It's important however they allow us to arrive at the solutions ourselves and do not try to feed us realities we do not yet understand. Arriving at our own conclusion is the empowering part of changing our belief system. Others can point the direction but it is we who must take the journey and arrive at the new conclusion. Coaches, friends, counselors and support groups are some of the many ways others can be used for personal clearing & empowerment. It is important however that whoever we choose, knows how to keep their ego out of the way so that we can arrive at our own realities. They can ask the questions, but we arrive at the answers ourselves.