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For a trial period, The Light is making these Enneagram Profiling Tools available on a donation basis. A lot of work has been put into developing these tools and while I'd love to be able to give it all away, this work is my livelihood and my only means of income. Obtaining sufficent donations will prevent me from having to charge a standard fee for this service which I prefer not to do. Clicking on this button will allow you to
which supports The Light in being able to continue to develop & provide these services for you.
  1. Enneagram Type 1 Questions: Profiles "Perfectionism"/Righteousness"

  2. Enneagram Type 2 Questions: Profiles "Helpfulness"/"Givingness"

  3. Enneagram Type 3 Questions: Profiles "Industriousness"/"Success & Image Focus"

  4. Enneagram Type 4 Questions: Profiles "Romanticism"/"Expressiveness"

  5. Enneagram Type 5 Questions: Profiles "Intellectualism"/"Curiosity"

  6. Enneagram Type 6 Questions: Profiles "Loyalty"/"Cautiousness"

  7. Enneagram Type 7 Questions: Profiles "Enthusiasm"/"Spontaneity"

  8. Enneagram Type 8 Questions: Profiles "Competitiveness"/"Willfulness"

  9. Enneagram Type 9 Questions: Profiles "Peacefulness"/"Passivity"

  10. Produce Piechart From Totals: Graphic Display of Type Distribution

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