Growth Instead of Resistance:

One of the biggest pitfalls I've run into on the conscious spiritual path is trying to fight my "faults". One cannot win in a battle against a ghost. It's like trying to box with a shadow. How can you defeat an illusion?


Contemplation, Realization and Affirmation of what we ARE results in the AUTOMATIC displacement of what we are NOT. As we grow SELF-LOVE, we automatically replace SHAME. As we grow TRUST we automatically displace fear and doubt. As we grow ACCEPTANCE and APPRECIATION we automatically replace STRUGGLE and REJECTION. As Helen Keller stated: "Keep the face to THE LIGHT and the shadows fall behind."


I am not saying that we should allow "evil" or "illusion" to over shadow TRUTH with it's shroud. What I'm saying is that the Light will eliminate the dark if we focus on IT instead of giving power to "illusion" by allowing ourselves to believe we need to "fight" against it. Fighting in itself gives it power because we are saying that we believe in "ghosts". Illusions are "ghosts". Like the "bogeyman", the only thing that makes them "real" is our belief in them. When we identify ourselves with our "faults" or our "mistakes" we are allowing ourselves to believe we ARE shameful. When we instead identify with our GOODNESS and humble ourselves in ACCEPTANCE of our shortcomings and can admit we make mistakes only because we still are not 100% clear about the Light and because we sometimes want to avoid growth because it FEELS so painful or fearful, then we can accept TRUTH and this will set us free of the need for condemnation of self and/or others.


Accepting myself and my automatic conditioning allows me to become clear about it's origin and dispel it by UNDERSTANDING that the dysfunction is really not necessary. When I can see how my dysfunction no longer serves me, I become willing to let it go. Like my compulsive drinking, I come to realize that the pain of the dysfunction outweighs the gain of the temporary relief of sedation (escape). I'm learning to grow IN THE MOMENT rather than to constantly AVOID growth through fear.


The major thing that prevents me from growth, is fear of pain or "failure". So long as I can DROP these negative projections of the future based upon painful experiences from the past and simply BE PRESENT and ADDRESS THE SITUATION IN THE NOW, I will no longer end up with a backlog of unsolved and unworked through issues (otherwise knows as BAGGAGE!). This is key to living a life FREE OF NEGATIVITY. If we don't STORE BAGGAGE, it can't wear us down.


Building confidence in THE LIGHT requires personal commitment to TRUST IN IT NO MATTER WHAT. This means that even when the proverbial "shit hits the fan", that this is necessary for growth. What we don't need falls away like the already used stages of a rocket. It may FEEL uncomfortable to let go of much like it is uncomfortable for a baby to let go of the mother's breast, but this is required for growth. The quicker we learn to LET GO of things, the less of a struggle we will endure. We can choose to let go slowly in order to not shock ourselves if this seems appropriate and it often can be as has been proven with weaning people from various dependencies.


Often times, the UNIVERSE has to PUSH us because we refuse to get the "hint" that it's time to move on. We may stay "stuck" in relationships for years out of "convenience" or "insecurity". We may refuse to address issues and avoid discussing them with people because we fear confrontation or being dominated or intimidated by the person. We may hide our true selves out of fear of what others may think of us. We may force ourselves to stay in jobs that we hate and become extremely depressed and burntout simply because we like how much money it pays us. In these cases, what choice does the Universe have to get us to move on other than to provide what we perceive as a "catastrophe" which is really a blessing of freedom in disguise....What we perceive as "exile" turns out to be FREEDOM. It's important we learn how to see through the mask of adversity and APPRECIATE the gift of the experience. We are not being VICTIMIZED by experience, we are being BLESSED BY IT. We always get the exact expereinces we need for growth no matter what it may FEEL like. The experiences we need for growth are drawn to us and provided we face them as they happen, they won't become painfully difficult due to continued avoidance. The Gifts of Growth are only forced upon us if we continually refuse to accept them.