Customized Self-Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Scripts  Now Available!



Dan being a certified NGH Hypnotherapist, is now providing customized Hypnotherapy scripts for those interested in working on modifying their EMOTIONAL subconscious belief systems.


Hypnotherapy is powerful because it deals directly with changing the EMOTIONAL memory by displacing self-defeating, negative emotional beliefs (negative hypnosis) into positive ones. As many of you know, this is key in setting us free. Many of us have gone to talk therapists for years without improvement because the negative EMOTIONAL beliefs programmed into us are not dealt with.


Dan’s Hypnotherapy scripts are customized to each individual because symbols mean different things to each of us. As an example, the beach may be very peaceful to some but to anyone who may have nearly drowned it may be quite frightening. Dan develops the scripts and symbolic metaphors to meet the individual’s specific situation and needs.


Dan custom creates the script as necessary and provides the individual with either a tape or a digitized version of it the client can access online. By repeatedly using the script over and over as suggested, dramatic internal emotional changes can occur.


q       Deals with making lasting internal emotional changes that keep many of us “stuck”


q       Useful for “desensitization” of fears


q       Helpful in eliminating cravings and compulsions


q       Can develop the empowering feeling we need to motivate ourselves toward our goals.


q       Displaces our programmed and codependent “negative” beliefs with positive ones.



For more information contact Dan at (203)744-4360 or e-mail him at