Welcome To "The Light"

Recovery * Self-Help * Spirituality

Welcome to The Light. We are here to assist you on the journey home. Like you, We are seekers and have searched through many experiences in an effort to find our way. All experiences helped...some by joy yet others by pain. We eventually learned that while others might be able to point a finger indicating the direction they thought might be the right way to go, that ultimately only by our own walk could we get there. No one could teach us Wisdom. We had to gain our own. This could only be done by our own direct experience by following our own Inner Guidance. Often we found directions given by others were not helpful to us. Instead of getting us closer, they brought us further away. Even those we trusted could only give us directions for their path, not our own.

Thoughts, books, music, poems, movies and other's experiences were helpful in reconnecting us with our own Inner Light through the principle of Resonance.They helped to reawaken an Emanation deep inside us long ago forgotten. This enlightenment continues to unfold as we seek, find and ponder additional truths to "feed the flame" of our new internal self-affirmative awareness. We found that by trusting in our own authority and ability to self-affirm, seek, and reflect, we could find our own answers from the depth of our Inner Silence. Our own Inner Intuition proved to be the tool to guide us home. We learned that to truly be happy, we had to listen to and follow our hearts instead of our fears. We had to learn to trust that it was finally safe to be our own authority - to be our own loving guides and advocates. We finally understood that we ourselves were the loving saviors we were always waiting for.