Links Of Light:

Below is a list of links I've found personal resonance with. - Joy To Me And You: A great recovery link from Robert Burney! - Osho: A True Hero and Rebel of Freedom & World Peace! EXCELLENT!!! This guy called them on the TRUTH! - Spiritual Resource Center. Truth Loving Fellow Shifters - Dancing With Angels - Beautiful Angel & Rainbow Pictures! - Atoka's Journey - A fellow Traveler's Journey - Powerful LightShifting Documentaries to bring Truth To Our Planet! - Fellow Lightshifter's Robert "The Guitar Guy's" Site - Self Esteem Improvement Source - Sallyann Law: London-based Life Coach
Sally is a life coach based in London. She works with her clients face-to-face, enabling them to achieve clarity and focus and to determine strategies for positive change. - Dale is a poet and an empathetic listening life coach who has worked a lot with mens issues