LightShiftingÔ : The Process Of Personal Empowerment

What prevents us from taking small steps towards pursuing our own hearts desires? What dis-empowering thoughts prevent us from moving forward?

Why do we stay stuck in doing the same things over and over expecting different results?

How can we make time to pursue our goals even if it's a little bit at a time?

What ways to we currently waste our time either pursuing someone else's agenda or "relaxing" without moving anywhere?

If we are not being motivated to pursue our goals are we certain we've realized the benefit of doing so? Chances are that if we are not motivated, we are spending so much time contemplating how we may fail that we are not spending the time contemplating how we can succeed and the rewards of doing so. We can't contemplate success if we're contemplating failure instead. Choose to contemplate success.

Instead of making the entire goal the objective, can we make small steps the objective?

Can anyone think of any benefits derived from contemplating failure? What is the end result if one continues to believe in failure?

What are the benefits of contemplating and believing in success?

Who can support us and who do we need to stay away from to keep ourselves inspired?

How can we help each other pursue our goals?