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LightShifting: Social Illusions / Spiritual Truths

Transforming Shame and Social Misconceptions
Into Self-Love and Personal Empowerment.

"Helping dispel and break the silent conspiracy of society's unexamined belief systems that run us amuck is the sacred purpose of this book. It can awaken your mind in ways that will change your life - just from reading the words written here."
- Jacquelyn Small: Founding Director, Eupsychia Institute, and Author of Awakening in Time, Transformers, and Psyche's Seeds

"Our attitudes, beliefs, and definitions determine our perspectives and expectations - which in turn dictate our relationships. In order to set ourselves free, it is vital to change the dysfunctional beliefs. Dan has come up with a very useful way to do just that."
- Robert Burney: Author of Codependence/ The Dance of Wounded Souls

"Having been a spiritual seeker since the 70's with several years experience in various 12-step programs, Dan has succeeded in freeing himself from much of the bondage caused by this cultural propaganda. His mission now is to help others do likewise.

This book is Dan's way of exposing the "magician's trick" so we can see how we've been deceived by fear and shame into believing disempowering lies about ourselves, life, others, and God. These self-defeating paradigms must be broken if we are to individuate and bloom into the creative, empowered and loving souls we were intended to be. Like a "spiritual jackhammer", this book can help break through the "concrete crust of misinformation that imprisons our Souls.

Dan Hunt is a Personal Growth Coach and Interfaith Minister providing guidance and workshops in Danbury, CT. He is dedicated to helping others find their way home to greater levels of personal freedom and self-esteem. He does this by exposing the lies of shame, guilt and fear emotionally programmed into us by dysfunctional conditioning.


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