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The Light's Enneagram Questionnaire is a series of 20 questions for each of 9 personality energy focuses that is extremely useful in coming to understand both ourselves and others more intimately. In addition, as a diagnostic aid for personal or spiritual growth, the Enneagram can also identify our predispositions and imbalances which can be very useful map of our psyches. I use this tool in my coaching work and find it to be extremely helpul in understanding my clients. You can click the underscore to take the "Enneagram Personality Profiles". Remember to print or record your totals.

In addition, The Light has developed a Pie Chart generator to assist clients with a graphical analysis of their Enneagram profile results. Once all surveys have been taken for each of the 9 types, and the total number of "yes" responses have been determined for each one, you can then input the data into the option to "Produce Pie Charts From Totals" and a series of pie charts will be produced. The following explains the different charts produced using the data from my own Enneagram chart as an example:


Distribution by Each Type:
This chart shows how important it is to identify not only how much of each type you have, but also how little. Notice the smallness of the yellow (3), orange(7) and red (8) slices. This clearly shows how little "assertive" energy is identified with. Contrarily, the green (9), Violet (4), and Sky Blue (5) "withdrawing" slices are quite large. This graphic clearly shows how both over and under identification with the types results in imbalance. If more balance is desired, it would be key to redirect some of the withdrawing (introverted) energy into a more assertive (extroverted) direction.




Distribution by Defensive ("Hornivian") Style:
This chart indicates how much we identify with each of Karen Horney's defensive styles: "moving against" (asserting), "moving towards" (complying), and "moving away" (withdrawing). This chart more clearly depicts the imbalance outlined above in the type distribution analysis and shows the relatively small percentage of assertive/extroverted (red) energy vs. the large percentage of withdrawing/introverted (violet).




Distribution by Triad:
This chart shows how much we identify with the Feeling (pink) types (2,3,4), Thinking (sky blue) types (5,6,7), and Doing (red) types (8,9,1). For discovering "center" identities, I have personally found the following "center" chart to be more accurate as its calculation does not include the types with the "blocked" center (types 3,6, and 9).




Distribution by "Center":
As stated above, this chart depicts how identified we are with each "center" (Feeling - pink, Thinking - sky blue, and Doing - red). The types with the "blocked" centers in the triad (3/Feeling, 6/Thinking, 9/Doing) are not considered in this chart which seems to more accurately reflect the individual's actual distribution.




Distribution by "Harmonic" Style:
This chart shows how identified we are with Competency (types 1,3,5 - Yellow), Optimism (types 7,9,2 - Pink), and Pessimism (types 4,6,8 - Black). Combining the most prevelant here with the most prevelant Hornivian/Defensive identifier is a good indicator of primary type:



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