Dan's Favorite Quotes:


There are them that hold the key

to set everybody free

but they are the lonely ones.

And if the day should come

when they all can work as one

thereíll be a destiny.

"The Lonely Ones" Ė Dave Mason


Hiding the Truth, does not make it go away.

-Dan Hunt



Such is the irresistible nature of Truth,

that all it asks, and all it wants,

is the liberty of appearing.

- Thomas Paine


Come mothers and fathers throughout the land,

And donít criticize what you donít understand.

Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.

Your old road is rapidly agin'

Please get out of the way if you canít lend a hand

For the times, they are a-changin.


-"The Times They Are A-Changin" Ė Bob Dylan


I donít expect you, to understand.

After youíve caused, so much pain.

But then again, youíre not to blame.

Youíre just a human, A victim of the insane.

- "Isolation" Ė John Lennon


It ainít much fun if you make work out of it.

-Dan Hunt


Keep your face to the light and the shadows fall behind.

- Helen Keller


Inadequate support is not a personal shortcoming.

-Dan Hunt


All people die. But how many truly live?

- Mel Gibson in BraveHeart


The white flag of surrender often turns out to be sail through which the wind of God can blow to propel one through life.

-Dan Hunt


Beliefs are altered by what we choose to contemplate. Our belief creates our reality. What do we choose to create today?

-Dan Hunt


We choose what we create by choosing what we allow ourselves to believe.

-Dan Hunt


The nurturing of our imagination is the key to creating what we want.

-Dan Hunt


The kingdom of heaven is within you.



The Light is always on. We've just become so fearful, we've forgotten how to open our eyes.

-Dan Hunt


Contentment always and only arises when you finally real-ize that you already have everything you need. It's inside you.

-Dan Hunt


Meditate on the heart. The beating of the heart is the gateway to the blissfulness of loving contentment and who we really are.

-Dan Hunt


We cannot use our minds to take us places where only the Heart can go.

-Dan Hunt


Depression is the result of believing in the illusion of darkness. Darkness does not truly exist. Only Light exists.

-Dan Hunt


Truth: The Final Frontier

-Dan Hunt


Why would I need your approval if I already have my own?

-Dan Hunt


Each moment is another opportunity for contentment.

-Dan Hunt


People used to tell me to be patient. I prefer contentment to patience. With contentment, I don't have to wait for anything.

-Dan Hunt


Perhaps it's not us who are "too sensitive" - perhaps it's others who are not sensitive enough.

-Dan Hunt


I've found over the years in my recovery, that it's extremely important for me not to deny my cowardice by masking it as the "virtue" of acceptance.

-Dan Hunt


I've heard it said that alcoholics are the only people who treat their isolation with lonliness. A compassionate heart might rather consider that perhaps alcoholics are conditioned to do this because they realize they are better off being alone than they were being abused.

-Dan Hunt


Never in my life have I ever seen shame do anything to heal another's shame. It would be just as likely that fire would put out fire.

-Dan Hunt


Honesty without compassion is a subtle form of character assasination - a subtle way to build ourselves up at the expense of knocking others down.