How to Remember Our True Selves:


Many of us have become so conditioned to following other’s opinions about what we “should do” that we have forgotten how to listen to our own sense of direction. Our opinions & values don’t resonate within us anymore because they are “drowned out” by opinions, judgments, and criticisms of others in our head who we’ve listened to over the years. Our own “truth sensor” has become so invalidated over the years that it’s become “clouded” and we’ve forgotten how to listen to it. Kind of like “static” on the radio that blocks clear reception.


Knowing what to do requires getting back in tune with our own sense of values. We have to start asking OURSELVES what we WANT to do and stop asking OTHERS what we SHOULD do. We have to take back our own power of direction and stop relying on others.


To get back in touch with our values, we can start asking ourselves questions like the following:


- What are our favorite movies?

- Who are/were our heroes/heroines? What are/were their virtues?

- What were our favorite fairytales? What did we like about them so much?

- If we were to die right now, what would we be sad about not accomplishing in life?

- What would we like our epitaph to read?

- What were our favorite times in life?

- What do we enjoy doing or providing for others?

- If we could change anything we wanted in this world what would it be?

- If we could contribute anything we wanted to this world what would it be?

- If we could accomplish anything we wanted, what would it be?

- What are our favorite forms of expression? (e.g. music, art, dance, writing etc.)

- What are our favorite colors, sounds, tastes, scents, etc.?

- If we never needed money, what kind of “work” would we do?

- What virtues do our favorite people in life have?

- What are our dreams & visions?



Once we identify these things, we will soon start to gain a much clearer vision of ourselves. The “trickle” will soon turn into a “river” as our true selves (values) finally have a chance to spring forth after so many years of suppression. We will start to “feel” our sense of self and personal resonance. This is our first step towards getting back on the path towards our own destinations and exiting the detour we took to follow paths directed by others. After all, it makes little sense to go in a different direction unless we find one that’s more appealing and worthwhile.