Personal Growth & Recovery Services:

Dan provides personal coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) processing and training, Enneagram personality profiling and workshops, and a wide array of personal growth and transitional period services to support the individual.

Dan's intention is to compassionately assist others in working towards their personal goals, empowerment, and emotional well-being by whatever tools are most effective for the client.

Coaching via emial has proven to be very effective because reading and writing requires a much deeper focus than mere talking. It is also surprisingly very cost effective as clients are only charged for the time it takes Dan to read and respond to the client's emial which can be "boiled down" prior to sending - this also helps the client to process at a much deeper level as they focus upon clearly explaining what they intend to convey.

Services are also offered either by phone or personally upon arrangement.

You can contact Dan for a free initial consultation at (203)744-4360 or E-Mail him by clicking here.


 Helpful areas where these services can be applied include:

* Freeing oneself of compulsion, addiction, or other reactionary conditions or cravings.

* Career Transition/Direction

* Freedom From Relationship Addiction (Codependence)

* Emotional Health coaching

* Belief Therapy - Retraining The Imagination To Project Positively

* Emotional Freedom Technique Coaching for ANY Emotional Issue

* Emotional Freedom Technique Group Workshops/Training

* Enneagram Personality Profiling, Coaching and Workshops

* Personal Self-Esteem Building - Personal Advocacy

* Freeing Oneself of Guilt, Shame & Self-Doubt

* Visualizations for fear/phobia/panic reduction

" Addiction Assistance & Relapse Prevention Support

* Working toward freedom from any form of Emotional or Financial dependence