Society: The Cause of Human Dysfunction


Our society breeds Human dysfunction.


It does this by breeding children in an emotionally/verbally abusive way by using Pavlovian “punishment and reward” systems and treating us literally like dogs. We are not grown like plants but corralled like cattle. We are not taught how to be ourselves and grow our own talents, but to sacrifice our talents and submit to being enslaved & forced to conform to dysfunctional social value systems….Even if they aren’t our own and don’t work.


Shame, intimidation and invalidation are the tools of abuse used by most adults to get children to conform. Walk into most classrooms and you will see it happen every day. This results in feelings of shame and low self-esteem which scars our children for life and leaves them feeling shameful about being themselves and perusing their own goals. It’s no wonder they become alcoholics, drug abusers, depressives, codependents and underachiever’s. They are afraid to be themselves and pursue life because these emotional feelings of embarrassment and shame haunt them throughout their lives and prevent them from being the expressive and creative beings they were meant to be. They die with their music inside them. They are stunted and never bare their fruit.  


We cannot rebel for if we don’t conform we are reprimanded. Reprimanded by our parents, teachers, religious leaders and peers. We are forced to conform to others values and comply. We are conditioned into deserting ourselves - this is why we loose Spirit.


Teaching children the importance of respecting other people’s boundaries is one thing. Teaching them to dessert their values is another. Just because children may not get rich doing what they enjoy doing does not mean it is ok to sway them in a different direction. Children, just like anyone else deserve the right to pursue whatever goals they choose in life.


Militant style upbringing has plagued children for thousands of years. Breeding children to submit to become what we want them to become instead of allowing them to grow into whatever it is they want to become is abusive. It dishonors their rights as human beings to the pursuit of happiness which is a human right ALL humans deserve – not just adults! Why do we believe, that because children are not adults they are not entitled to human rights? Authority is supposed to be an honorable duty to serve & teach – not a license for imposition & dominance!


We must stop trying to breed roses to become daisies. We must stop imposing our wills upon children through mandated schooling requirements. The compulsory education system is as toxic as militant parents. It forces children to learn things they have no interest in, then puts them on drugs like Ritalin if they can’t pay attention to the crap. Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) isn’t a problem with not being able to pay attention. It’s a problem with not being paid enough attention TO. Children whirl in circles because they do not feel “connected” & grounded. In other words, they do not feel loved and whole within themselves.


Depression is another symptom of our abusive society. We are threatened into following our financial insecurities and bred to compete to become financially “stable”. We end up in jobs that do not suit us just to become financially “stable”. What is not told is that we trade in our mental & emotional stability to become so! Then, they put us on anti-depressants so we can cope with our enslavement to this abusive paradigm. Alcoholics and addicts are simply people who self-medicate in order to deal with our societies inequitable and abusive ways.


Codependency is simply the need for approval that was never received in childhood. People have never learned how to feel valuable within themselves because they were treated with invalidation and verbal abuse as children. Verbally abusive tactics were used to shame them when they did not do what authority figures wanted them to do. Codependents are still seeking this approval they never received as children.


If people were allowed to become what it is they wanted in this world, they would not feel empty inside. They would feel fulfilled because they would have spent their time in the pursuit of their own goals instead of someone else’s.


In England, the word “job” was originally a degrading term. We still see this in the term as used when we say “bank job”. Jobs are how we dessert our life’s missions to make money. The industrialist hoards have created lack in the world by their greed & now small “Mom & Pop” shops can no longer exist because they cannot compete with the big guys prices because they buy in  massive quantities at reduced cost and can charge less.

 To gain our freedom, we must drop the idea that the social values & conditionings we were bred to believe in (e.g. dominance, imposition, greed, competition, fear of scarcity, personal inadequacy/inferiority etc.) and see them as the lies they truly are. The freedom is tremendous when we start being motivated by our own creative power instead of driven by the fears & impositions of others who were also bred dysfunctionally but never stopped to question the origin of their despair & distress. We can all live in community as a circle and stop living as a pyramid with only a small percentage of people (the rich) reigning at the top and dominating/abusing the rest. Competition breeds inequity & strife. Community breeds equality and peace.