Summer Of Love:


Willow branches bring your message fair

Breezes blow your whispers through the air

Enchanted by the softness of your touch

Sun igniting flames in both of us


Eyes of ocean mesmerize my heart

Words cannot express what they impart

The wellspring of our hearts is just too much

Overflowing cups in both of us


Freedom in the call of winging gull

Flying through the vastness blue and all

Love and Freedom join as we embrace

If only we could share this with our race


Beating of the surf it does its part

Rhythmic crashes match our pounding hearts

Feel its gentle motion rock and sway

Wrapped around each other waves at play

Loving every moment of this day


Once the world’s illusions are dispelled

They’ll join us in this freedom from their hell

I hope soon they are blessed to understand

And drop this competition caused by man

To live with Love and an open hand


Copyright 2001 (c) by Dan Hunt all rights reserved